Undergraduate Prgram

Undergraduate Program
"Chemistry is the Main Ingredient of Life"

Friday, November 14

•  SAC booth during the Friday morning Expo
Two booths will be reserved for the undergraduate program during the Friday morning Exposition. SACs are invited to present their favorite demonstration, present a poster, pass out fliers, etc. during a 45-minute interval. This will allow the chapters to take an active role in the larger meeting and increase circulation during the session.

•  How to be an Award Winning Chapter
Each Southeast Region student affiliate chapter of the ACS will be invited to present a poster of current service projects, fundraising ideas, and strategies for integrating chemistry in the community. This event will kick off with a “Chemistry is Sweet” liquid nitrogen ice cream making competition. Awards will be given for the best ice cream and students will be able to share ideas for new events between chapters.

•  Social Event
A social event will be held to let students get to know each other on a more informal basis. More information to come.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

•  Undergraduate Oral Presentations
Undergraduates will be invited to present their research, by traditional oral sessions. Each presenter will be allotted approximately 15 minutes with an opportunity for questions at the end of each presentation. Abstract can now be submitted on the SERMACS 2008 website.

•  Undergraduate Poster Session/ Experiential Programs in Chemistry
Two technical poster sessions will be hosted running from 8:00-9:45 and 10:00-11:45. Concurrent to this event, an Experiential Programs in Chemistry booth will be set up. This will allow students to meet with professionals within the chemistry community to gain information on internships, service learning, and study/work abroad programs.

•  Student Awards Luncheon
Noon-2:00The luncheon will be catered with a cost of $5.00 for all registered students and faculty. Awards will be presented to the top three competitors in both the Oral Presentations and Poster Session. Door prizes will also give during this time.


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