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SERMACS 2008 is expected to be the largest ever regional meeting of chemistry professionals coming together to hear and give talks on "Living and Working in a Material World". Our program includes the most progressive symposia topics, the best in entertainment, the best food and hospitality, and the most exhibits for you to choose from. As a sponsor, you are sure to get a great return on your investment. We encourage the participation within your organization as well as your financial contribution.

Sponsoring SERMACS 2008 is simple. Determine your contribution level (see table below). Print, complete and sign the sponsorship signature form and mail it along with the contribution to Ruth A. Woodall at the address below or to James C. Howard, Treasurer, at the following address: SERMACS 2008, c/o James C. Howard, PO Box 410, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. Contributions should be made out to "SERMACS 2008" and can be broken into more than one payment. Thanks in advance for your help in making SERMACS 2008 a successful event.

Benefactor $20,000+ We are happy to work with SERMACS Benefactors to customize an incentive package. Possible incentives include a double-wide booth in the SERMACS exposition, a full page ad in the program book, meeting registration for up to 20 people (special acknowledgment badges included), a feature ad on the web page, a named symposium and input into speaker selection (the organization may wish to help organize the entire symposium). We will try to work with any special programming requests that our Benefactors might have. Other incentives are possible.
Platinum Sponsor $5,000+ Platinum level sponsors provide general financial assistance for the meeting or underwrite an entire special event. They may receive a booth in the SERMACS exposition or a full-page ad in the program book. They will receive acknowledgement at the meeting event and on the web page. Registration for up to 5 people and access to the Job Clearinghouse is also possible. We will try to work with any special programming requests that Platinum level sponsors might have.
Gold Sponsor $2,500- $5,000 Gold sponsors underwrites a portion of the cost of a particular event or symposium. Sponsors will have input into the invited speaker line up and may participate in the organization of the symposium. They will receive a half-page ad in program book, registration for up to 5 people and signage acknowledgment outside the sponsored event.
Silver Sponsor $1000- $2,000 Silver sponsors are entitled to acknowledgment in the program book and the meeting web page. Meeting registration for 1 person/$1000 contribution will be provided as well as acknowledgment at the sponsored event.
Bronze Sponsor $500 Bronze level sponsors receive acknowledgment in the program book (business card-size ad), on the web page and at the event. Events may include receptions, undergraduate programming, workshops, etc.
Donor In Kind or Cash   All donations to SERMACS’08 are appreciated and will help us to provide a meeting of the highest quality. Donors will be acknowledged in the program book and on the web site.

SERMACS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization so all sponsorships are tax deductible. Sponsorship payment is due on or before May 1, 2008 unless otherwise negotiated.

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